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Witches Black Salt

Witches Black Salt

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This is NOT Black salt of the culinary kind. It is Sage Den's own special blend, made by us!

Net Wt. 4 oz - Sealed in a tear open, resealable pouch.

Sage Den's handmade witches black salt is crafted with secret ingredients to maintain the integrity of the blend. 

You may see small particles as the salt, ashes, and other ingredients are not filtered.

Remember to dispose of the Black Salt properly so that lingering energies don't stick to you or your environment!

What is Witches Black Salt?

Witches Black Salt has been used for many centuries for protection, banishing and reverse magick. Black salt absorbs negative energies and left over, stagnant vibrations. Negative energies can dull our aura and can even attach to us and to our space, potentially leading to emotions such as depression, lack of motivation, anxiety and other unhealthy habits. Black Salt can also absorb negative energies from your environmental circumstances and is often used in spells and magickal workings to create boundaries, assist with spiritual barriers, and provide protection. Use Black Salt to ward off any negative and psychic energies while protecting yourself or your space. Black Salt can be used alone or as a base for your spell work or ritual work and can be combined with other herbs and essential oils for spell jars.

Witches Black Salt Uses:

  • You can dress a black candle in oil and Black Salt for spell work to banish negative forces.
  • Sprinkle Black Salt around the perimeter of your home or space to keep away unwanted energies or spirits. You may also sprinkle Black Salt in your doorways to keep your space clean from other people's energies as they enter and leave your space
  • Grind up Black Salt using a mortar and pestle and place the powder in anointing oils
  • Energetically cleanse your crystals by placing them on top of Black Salt


  • This information is intended for entertainment purposes only.
  • DO NOT INGEST. This product is not intended for human or animal consumption.
  • This product is not meant as a medical treatment or diagnosis of any type of disease or illness whether physical or mental.
  • Use this at your own discretion.
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