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Suribachi Mortar, 6" & Wooden Pestle 7"

Suribachi Mortar, 6" & Wooden Pestle 7"

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The suribachi is a Japanese mortar, and is to be used with a pestle called a "surikogi".

• In Japanese cooking, the suribachi is used to crush sesame seeds as well as for various pastes.

• You'll find that the suribachi is an essential tool for preparation of many common Japanese sauces, dressings, and pastes.

• It can also be used to efficiently grind fresh or dry herbs and spices, and is an invaluable tool for any kitchen.

• The suribachi mortar is an earthenware bowl, glazed on the outside with a capacity of approximately 10 oz.

• The inside of the bowl has a ridged pattern (kushi-no-me) to facilitate grinding.

• The pestle is made of 100% natural Magnolia Obovata wood (harvested in Japan) rather than clay to keep the pestle from wearing down the ridges in the mortar.

• The pestle has a hole at the top end for easy hanging and tapers at the end for an easy grip.

• Package includes 1 Brown Suribachi Mortar and a Suribachi Wooden Pestle.

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