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Snakeskin Agate Pendulum

Snakeskin Agate Pendulum

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Every Snakeskin Agate Pendulum is unique, consisting of a premium quality stone. This item is made by highly skilled artisans.

Stone Size Approximately - 1.5"-2"
Total Length Approximately - 8.5"-9.5"

Snakeskin Agate - (Semi-Precious) is a cheerful stone that can help you eliminate the effects of worry and depression from everyday life. It connects you to inner joy by helping you shed your past and feel reborn in the present. It can be used to help one to become lost in a crowd, and to fade into the background, when consciously directed, or inversely, can help one find lost things. It has been used to initiate the rise of the Kundalini.

Each stone piece is unique. The pictures shown here give a general idea of the product.

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