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Smoking Pipe Accessories Kit

Smoking Pipe Accessories Kit

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Brand: Joyoldelf

Smoking Pipe Accessories Set - This pipe accessories set is great for using and cleaning your pipe, a must have for any smoker. Give yourself an enjoyable pipe smoking and cleaning experience, without worries.


  • Excellent Pipe Cleaning Tools: The pipe cleaning tool is a 3-in-1 pipe scraper for filling and scraping the pipe bowl, and cork knockers for pipe knocking. Pipe cleaners are excellent for pipe cleaning, flexible enough to run through bent stem pipes. All are great additions to use for cleaning your pipe after smoking!
  • Pipe Using Tools: The pipe bit will help you to avoid terrible chewing marks as well as prolong the span life of the mouthpiece. The metal screen percolator leach nets will protect the smoking from burning the pipe, while also aiding full combustion. This kit also comes with 9mm active charcoal pipe filters, it absorbs nicotine and other harmful ingredients, make the taste of tobacco more mellow.
  • Pouch: Portable and dustproof pipe pouch, can be used to keep the pipe free from scratches or damage, while also providing an easy way to carry your smoking pipe and other accessories when in outdoors.
  • Package: You will receive 2 x Cork Knockers, 1 x 3-in-1 Pipe Scraper, 1 x Pipe Reamer, 50 x Pipe Cleaners, 20 x Pipe Filters, 2 x Pipe Bits, 10 x Metal Balls, 1 x Pipe Pouch, 1 x Gift Box, and Use Instructions (please read description carefully.) (Pipe is NOT included)


  • Please make sure the pipe cools completely before cleaning. Never clean while warm as this may cause cracks.
  • Before each smoke, run a pipe cleaner through the stem and tap out the remnants of ash.
  • Please use your professional pipe lighter to avoid burning the surface of the pipe.
  • Please DON'T smoke too long or fill full for the first or second use.
  • Please use SLOW FIRE to smoking.
  • All of our smoking pipes come with a carbon layer to protect bowl wall from burning out, please DON’T scratch the carbon layer when you first start to use the pipe. Please note that the carbon cake should be about 1/16 ~ 1/13 in or 1.5 mm ~2 mm in thickness for protecting bowl wall, please don't remove the cake too much!
  • After cleaning up the pipe, please DON’T immediately insert the pipe stem into the pipe shank, because the cleaned moisture may cause the pipe to swell slightly, which may cause the pipe shank to deform or crack. Please WAIT for the pipe to dry completely before assembling.
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