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Rune Amulet Necklace

Rune Amulet Necklace

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Material: Zinc Alloy

Size: 20" chain, Pendant is 1"

First Etter

Consider the first eight runes included in this department:

  1. Fehu is the rune of success and wealth. This symbol will help you make a profitable deal or get a promotion. With it, you can “ignite the fire of passion” of fading relationships and increasing the body’s resistance to disease.
  2. Uruz is a rune that gives great strength and helps to change the situation. With such a symbol, plans and dreams quickly turn into reality, and obstacles “crumble to dust.” The man in this symbol “draws” strength, and the woman - beauty and sex appeal. The magic of the runes is that the symbol will help achieve reciprocity and restore the destroyed relationship. In terms of health, it will help a woman dreaming of conceiving a child.
  3. Thurisaz is a symbol of order and sanity. This rune will help you make the right and balanced decisions to avoid mistakes. It will protect you from liars and swindlers and “open your eyes” to the situation and actions of people. The sign will help men restore reproductive strength, and patients with cholelithiasis will be relieved of that condition.
  4. Ansuz is a rune that can increase the mental abilities of a person and improve his communication skills. Her students and schoolchildren take exams and important tests. The rune will help to find answers to many vital questions and “see the obvious.” This symbol is useful for sore throats and relieves migraine attacks.
  5. Raido - the rune of forwarding movement and continuous development. It is customary to take the symbol with you on trips of any length. It will protect the “traveler” from all kinds of road “scrapes” and help “not to get lost” on the way. With the help of the sign, it will be possible to find a compromise in the dispute and win the lawsuit. It is useful for gout, rheumatism, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Kaunaz is a symbol of success and “clear mind.” With it, it is easier to achieve the intended goal and to realize a cherished desire. The sign energetically charges the mind and body of a person, which has a beneficial effect on his life. In terms of health, the rune has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and helps with various inflammatory processes in the body.
  7. Gebo is the rune of love and marriage. The symbol cannot only “attract” the object of passion but also helps to choose the most suitable partner. It will strengthen relationships and take them to a new stage of development. The positive effect of the sign also extends to business affairs, where it will help to conclude a profitable deal and “make the right choice” with the choice of a business partner. Fleece helps to heal nervous diseases and sexual disorders.
  8. Wunjo is a sign of glory, success and victories in any field. It makes a person more committed and stronger, helps to carry out his plans and find the right solution. The vunyo symbol is a good helper in love affairs, especially if you want to “conquer” the object of adoration. The rune has a calming effect on a person and helps during the depression.

Second Ettir

  1. Hagalaz is a rune that “keeps” a person’s spirit and thoughts in balance. It helps to avoid the “bad” by transforming it into “good.” The symbol is of great importance for those who want to develop intuition, keep calm, and establish protection from damage and the evil eye. It protects against injury and helps with dental diseases.
  2. Nauthiz is a sign of human protection from evil and from “oneself.” It will help the owner to avoid trouble and reduce mental and physical suffering. The symbol is a good helper in terms of love and friendships. It is good for rheumatism and improves hair condition.
  3. Isa preserves all the good and helps get rid of the bad. It strengthens the willpower of a person and “takes” him out of difficult life situations. In terms of health, the symbol helps relieve fever, eases menopause, and positively affects the fight against skin diseases.
  4. Jera is the rune of a slow but “sure” moving forward. She will “teach” a person how to build her life, learning from her own mistakes, without making them in the future. This is a sign of long-term action, which leads to success sequentially, “without haste.” The symbol has a positive effect on patients suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system and having problems with the spine.
  5. Eihwaz is a symbol that gives endurance and determination. He will help you make the right decision and “get out of the water” in a difficult life situation. For a person with extrasensory abilities, the rune will help to open them. It is necessary for people with liver and gallbladder problems.
  6. Perthro is a sign of stability and constancy. The rune reveals the “hidden” talents and helps the person to “know life and oneself.” A woman, with its help, will become a faithful, loving wife and a kind, caring mother, and a person with “superpowers” will be able to strengthen them. The symbol increases the body’s resistance, filling it with vital energy.
  7. Algiz is a strong protective rune. It will protect a person’s body and soul from negative influences and protect his property, family, and business. The sign will relieve depression and help maintain “strength of mind” in a difficult situation.
  8. Sowilo is a sign of energy and life. It has a beneficial effect on all aspects of a person’s life, enhancing his energy and filling the body with vitality and youthful enthusiasm. With this rune, a person is “on the shoulder” of any business, and in all endeavors, he will be accompanied by success. Also, the sign has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and helps people with this regard.

Third Ettir

And finally, the last eight Scandinavian runes of the runic alphabet:

  1. Tiwaz is the rune of courage and strength. It will help a person overcome his fears, relieve him of indecision and reduce the manifestations of aggression. This sign is often placed in offices to get rid of quarrels and promote mutual understanding and team building. The symbol is recommended to be worn by people suffering from hypertension and increased excitability.
  2. Berkana is a protective family symbol. It will help build relationships in marriage and promote better understanding between representatives of different generations. The fleece is designed to protect pregnant women and young children from negative influences. She can “provide” the family with material well-being and eliminate problems and troubles. The sign is advised to be worn by pregnant women to facilitate childbirth, and it will also help young mothers recover faster after giving birth.
  3. Ehwaz is a rune symbolizing tireless movement forward. With its help, you can change the situation for the better and achieve harmony. You can take the sign with you on a business trip and for important negotiations. In large teams, he will help colleagues find mutual understanding with each other. The rune has a positive effect on people suffering from urolithiasis.
  4. Mannaz is a sign of harmony and perfection. It helps a person develop hidden talents and abilities, increases his sociability and makes enemies “moderate their ardor.” In the field of health, the rune will protect against injury and fill the body with energy.
  5. Laguz symbolizes a calm and smooth flow of life. The rune will help a person understand his feelings, establish a family life and “resolve” work situations. It will protect the owner from accidents and make his life more measured. The sign is recommended for people with vision problems.
  6. Ingwaz is a rune of fortitude and tenacity. Its application will help a person achieve the intended goal. The sign is carried by pregnant women and ladies who dream of a child. It also supports those who want to lose weight and get rid of “bad habits”.
  7. Othala is a sign of achieving a goal and developing abilities. It is advised to be carried during the purchase of real estate and the conclusion of major transactions. The rune will save your property and improve your well-being. It has a general strengthening effect on the human body.
  8. Dagaz is a sign that contributes to the successful completion of any undertaking or stage of life and a strong symbol of “unity.” You can “rally” any team with its help, whether it be a family or work colleagues. The rune promotes the fastest healing of wounds and strengthens the protective functions of the body.
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