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Obatala (Orisha)

Obatala (Orisha)

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An Orisha is an embodied divinity, reflective of a manifestation of the divine in the African Yoruba faith tradition. That expression carries over to a range of American cultural practices, from Santería to Candomblé, Trinidad Orisha to Oyotunji, displaying a richly diverse and passionate following.

Obatala, the "king of the white cloth" and the eldest of all Orishas, is the revered king of kings and creator of all mankind, blessed with the power of his father Olorun to shape the Earth and its living things. He is the Orisha of leadership, knowledge, justice, those with disabilities, and the military. Once a strong warrior, this patient and compassionate deity mercifully lends aid to those who call upon him. Obatala processes disputes between other Orishas, esteemed for his just and patient rulings. He is married to Yemana, goddess of the sea, and parent to many Orishas.

This Obatala Orisha Statue captures the elegance and grace of the African goddess. Crafted from exquisite resin, this piece allows you to bring the beauty of the divine into any space. Its intricate form and ornate details create a stunning centerpiece that will both captivate and evoke admiration.

Size: Approximately 1.625" W x 3.875" H

Material: Resin

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