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Incense Burner Sand

Incense Burner Sand

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4 oz Net Wt.

For use in your incense burner for burning resin incense over charcoal, incense cones or incense sticks.

Use this colorful sand as a base inside your incense burner when burning your incense cones, incense sticks or resin incense over charcoal tablets. Fill incense burner 3/4 the way full and it's ready to use. Place lit charcoal tablet or incense cone directly onto sand and burn as normal. To use with incense sticks, stand the lit incense stick about 2" deep into the sand. Incense stick must be deep enough into sand to fully stand up on it's own without fear of tipping or falling over. Add more sand if necessary. Do not use if incense sticks are unable to stand sturdy.

Cleaning Instructions: to clean your sand simply rinse and wash with water and/or mild soap if desired. Allow to fully air dry by spreading a single layer onto a newspaper.

Warning: Adult supervision required. Avoid smudging or burning incense if pregnant. Keep children and animals away from lit smudge or incense. Do not leave lit smudge or incense unattended.

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