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Hari Om Sticks

Hari Om Sticks

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Kamini Incense Sticks

Includes: 20 Sticks

Hari Om - Hari Om Incense is a mysterious, alluring, and magical scent of the cosmos. that can invoke the feeling of Nirvana, Ecstasy, Happiness and Joy! A healing and magical scent, Hari Om Incense is a hand rolled, natural incense made from sacred woods, fragrant resins, and herbs. A warm, inviting scent, it purifies and balances the environment and can be used before meditating.

Best Quality Hand Made Indian Incense Sticks. 

Kamini Aromatics of Bangalore, India have got to be one of the best-kept secrets in the incense world. Their remarkable natural masala incense sticks have been a mainstay in Australia for some time. 

Use them in the home to purify and freshen the atmosphere and to remove or neutralize negative energies. They serve as an excellent insect repellent too. The aromas arising from a burning incense stick also helps to calm and relax body, mind, and spirit. 

Be sure to use them safely to minimize any fire hazards. Use an incense burner or stand, as this will help contain the burning incense and its ash. It is also a good idea to place incense holders on a fire-resistant surface and never leave burning incense unattended. 

Incense sticks are also known as agarbathi or (agarbatti) and joss sticks, which are made by rolling or moulding incense paste around a bamboo stick. These are the main form of incense in India where the bamboo method originated.

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