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Tourmaline, Black & Sardonyx Mixed - Polished

Tourmaline, Black & Sardonyx Mixed - Polished

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X-Small: Approximately up to .5"

Small: Approximately .5" to 1"

Black Tourmaline - (Semi-Precious) “Guardian Stone”, one of the strongest protection crystals. Dispels negative energies, emotions, and intentions. Promotes strong grounding, balance, and healing.

Sardonyx - (Semi-Precious) is a stone of protection and strength. It promotes virtuous conduct and integrity. Sardonyx attracts friends and good fortune. It brings lasting happiness and stability to partnerships. Supplements willpower and strengthens character. Sardonyx increases stamina, vigor and self-control. It alleviates depression and overcomes hesitancy. Improves perception.

Each stone piece is unique. The pictures shown here give a general idea of the product.

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