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The Code Journey For 2023 - A Daily Guide For Life On Earth (Paperback)

The Code Journey For 2023 - A Daily Guide For Life On Earth (Paperback)

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by: Jesse An Nichols George
Paperback Edition

The Code Journey picks up where astrology books leave off. Jesse An Nichols George has created a Divinely inspired book that is beyond the standard influences of the day. With decades of working with clients and researching; she has culminated a masterpiece of work, that blends over 50 different spiritual tools, modalities, and belief systems. She has developed her own unique approach for pinpointing with extreme accuracy the influences of a day, or point in time. She has an uncanny ability for looking at the interaction of things. Her Coding Interpretation work, hones in on the true essence of what something is; and then she continues to incorporate her intuitive and insightful wisdom to bring it together. She has found a way to not only share the influences of a day, month, or year; but she has added an insightful approach that shares life's lessons and how to approach each day through timeless wisdom. Her work stands in the foundations of Compassion; and she has blended that foundation by showing us how to integrate the influences of the day with compassionate choices that are easy for us to implement into our everyday life. This work, seems to literally take you on a journey through the year. It is not just a guide; but a tool for transformation and understanding. It is a key that unlocks the working of the Universe, allowing each person that reads it to find their own insightful pieces that they connect with. This book is part of a series, with one being created for each year. My goal with this book is to release it shortly after or around the Autumn Equinox each year. May your journey in working with the codes lead you to beautiful and rewarding spaces that fill and nourish your soul in ways that have been forgotten or set aside during this human existence. May it help you find the greatest place to be, and the greatest life that can be lived. The one within.

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